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RAMMSTEIN “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da.” Limited Edition Box Set

Number of Discs: 10

This unique version of Rammstein’s sixth studio album, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, comes expansively packaged in a flight case style box. The package contains: the deluxe edition version of the album, six sex toys (numerically corresponding to each member of the band), handcuffs and lubricant.

I knew it,I knew it…the rest…I should guess which one is each member

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Stein um Stein

Ich habe Pläne große Pläne               I have plans big plans
Ich baue dir ein Haus                       I’m going to build you a house
Jeder Stein ist eine Träne                Every stone will be a tear
Und du ziehst nie wieder aus           And you’ll never move out
Ja ich baue ein Häuschen dir          I’m going to build a little house for you
Hat keine Fenster keine Tür           With no windows no door
Innen wird es dunkel sein               It’ll be dark inside
Dringt überhaupt kein Licht hinein  No light will get in at all

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Listening to Rammstein/ warmup for this morning


Listening to Rammstein/ warmup for this morning

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just some cute till pics ;) (not the last one but yeah) xD headbang!
part 36? 

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By Michel Fernando 

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Rammstein-Pussy video 100% uncensored enjoy ^^P

 trust me, i enjoyed it ;) thanks!

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“ Just a little bit..just a little bitch.. ”

© Rammstein — Pussy (via zombiechoir)

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Till & Schneider: Du hast.

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